Today, the exact cause of many rare diseases remains unknown. While some are traceable to mutations or changes in a single gene, environmental factors such as exposure to chemicals, smoking, and diet play significant roles. Though they are rare, these diseases need special medications, which the World Health Organization (WHO) terms Orphan drugs, Special drugs, or Unlicensed Drugs. But, here comes the catch!

Finding special medications for rare diseases globally is almost impossible in terms of availability, and adequacy of treatments.

The good news is that astound pharma llp has taken the lead in fulfilling this “Unmet need” in the global Market.

Being one of the few WHO Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certified distributors from India, astound pharma llp aims to support patients and their caregivers living with rare diseases with easy access to these “Special Medications.” At astound pharma llp, we have a professionally run world-class infrastructure to supply these medications globally.